Wednesday, July 24, 2019

September 2019 - Hammonasset

Named after our longest beach in Connecticut (2 miles), Hammonasset 
(pronounced Ham-in-ass'-it) is a quilt featuring the colors of beach towels.

Choose any number of solid colors. Cut six rectangles 2" x 3.5."
Sew them in a row. Press. 

Choose a solid white, off-white, or low-volume print. Cut one 4.5" square. 
Then cut it in half on the diagonal. 

Sew the white triangles to the stripes, as shown above. Press. Trim to a 6" square.

Making this block can be addictive.  :)
Enter the drawing once for each block that you bring.

Here are just a few ideas for using these pretty blocks.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Want To Chat About Blocks-of-the-Month?

Here are some of my thoughts about Blocks-of-the-Month. And you can add your two cents too, in the Comments section at the bottom of this post. We've been saving a seat for you. :)

1. Participating in a BOM is a quick and easy way to enjoy commraderie with your guild. You will get to know people. You'll see how they think in a creative sense.

2. You might win the blocks and be well on your way to making a new quilt, one with lots of variety and a different vibe than you would normally make.

3. You will have a Show & Tell quilt that people are particularly interested in, since they made some of the blocks. They will be excited to see how you used the blocks.

4. Group quilts can be so quirky and eclectic. This will be a unique addition to your collection.

5. A good BOM will have clear directions including fabric recipe and measurements so that the finished quilt will be pleasing.

6. But directions that are not so rigid that the blocks are bland.

7. The block must be fun to make. Otherwise, what's the point, right?

8. And not difficult or time-consuming. No fuss.

9. There should be a good variety of techniques and styles represented over the course of the year, not the same thing over and over.

10. You'll sample some new ideas that you might not have tried otherwise, a good way to stretch your creative muscles.

11. Let me take a pic of your BOM quilt (or email a pic to me at and I will post it on this site. It would make a very interesting addition to a possible future book about BOMs.

So, any thoughts? How about this purple hair?